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Enchanted English is an elite, research-based English language training academy for children aged 4-12 years old.

We combine the science of language and the magic of stories to provide students with the most effective and engaging English instruction available.

Combining our proven, interactive teaching methods, with our ‘Enchanted World’ learning facilities, we offer students a complete learning experience that expands beyond the classroom.

Every child deserves to have their potential discovered

Why Choose Us?


Our proven and effective teaching methods, combining gestures, selected language, stories and drama have been researched by internationally renowned academics.


Our intimate class sizes, Weixin services to each student and our unique after-class student profiling system allows us to discover each student’s potential and tailor our teaching approach around your child.


From one-to-one Weixin practice, to performing your child’s favourite story on stage, our approach spans far beyond the classroom in a programme that will boost your child’s confidence and independence as well as their language skills.


We provide an unparalleled level of pastoral care in our ‘Enchanted World’  - a perfect opportunity for children to play, explore and unwind in an English speaking environment!

Our Method

At Enchanted English, we pride ourselves on our innovative, engaging and effective teaching method.

Based on internationally renowned academic research, our method provides five steps to teaching your child the foundations of the English language using the best techniques possible.

This unique blend of five disciplines is specifically tailored to each child, to provide a learning experience unique to Chongqing! It is the potion that creates the magic of Enchanted English!

  • Stories - Attracting attention

    Stories attract children’s attention. We have chosen, edited and illustrated popular English fairy tales to immerse your child in a fantasy world of stories that support their language learning.

  • Selected Language - Ensuring relevance

    This ensures that what is being taught in the stories is relevant and useful. We have documented the most essential English words from up-to-date English frequency databases.

  • Gestures - Helping memorisation

    The use of gestures is proven to accelerate acquisition, enhance retention and improve grammatical skills. We associate every word in our curriculum with a specific gesture to aid your child’s learning process.

  • Process Drama - Enabling practice

    Drama enables students to practise what they are learning. From story re-enactments to in-class debates, the use of drama encourages our students to develop their fluency and confidence as well as improve their emotional intelligence (ET).

  • Play - Improving fluency

    We believe practice makes perfect. Play gives children the opportunity to use English naturally, improving fluency and reinforcing the habit of speaking the language.

Enchanted English offers an experience like no other!

School Facilities

The facilities at Enchanted are integral to the experience and benefit from our unique design approach. Every detail of the different zones and rooms has been carefully planned to ensure maximum impact for the children, parents and teachers.

  • State of the art Media-enabled Class Rooms
  • Interactive Play and Stimulation Zones
  • The Enchanted Shop
  • Café and Lounge
  • Magic Tree House and Meeting Pods

What They Say

Lorna, Parent

The method is great and my child absolutely loves attending classes. Enchanted is exactly the ‘language environment’ that they need.

Lorna, Parentmother of Linda (5 years old)
Xuhua, Parent

Jim & Michael love to interact with David and they feel increasingly confident in English conversations. On holiday abroad they asked for their favourite food and drinks themselves.

Xuhua, Parentmother of Jim and Michael (5 years old)

Don’t take a risk on your child’s education and well-being

Meet the Team